Teaching About the Election to Elementary Students Using Literature and Technology

Teaching about the election can be an interesting process. Of course the best way is to hold a mock election, or even better, a school election with children running for various offices. As with all curricular areas, experiencing the learning by participation cements the concepts.Other ideas for teaching about the election include:For Kindergarten and Grade 1Read a book about an election and discuss the elements of election. Books I choose to use are “Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin (2004) and “My Teacher for President” by Kay Winters and Denise Brunkus (2008.)After discussing the election process we make campaign posters. Students use a drawing program on the computer (I use KidPix) and type “Vote for ______” in huge letters. They add decorations to complete the poster. We print in color and staple to construction paper. Hanging this campaign poster on their bedroom doors will remind them of what they learned about the election.

For Grades 2 and 3I read an election book such as “Pete for President” by Daisy Alberto (2004). We discuss election procedures but also emphasize telling the truth during the election process. During the story there is a page where there is a debate. I stop the story, have two kids join me up front, and simulate a debate. Sometimes I even tell one of the students to make outlandish claims about what he or she would do if they were to win. We finish reading the book and then discuss ways that students can improve the school.The second graders make campaign posters just like the younger students but they add four ways they can make the school/world a better place. Examples might be: Eliminate bullies from the playground, Pick up Litter on the Playground, Be Nice to All People, Help Raise Money for New Library Books, etc.In Grades 3 through 5As the children get older I begin to teach about the electoral college. The best book I’ve found for this is “Grace for President” by Kelly Dipucchio and Leuyen Pham (2008.) After reading this story I send the students to explore an online simulation game at the Scholastic News website.

Grade 6: By the time students are in grade 6 they are ready to explore the issues of the candidates. To do this I ask the students to choose six issues to research on the websites of the candidates. The information that they gather can be presented in any manner; for instance, a 2-column display comparing the issues or using an organizing software such as Inspiration to create a web of information.Overall, the more concrete examples you can give to students about the election will assist them in learning about the process that we embrace within our country.

5 Lessons Learned: Services

Factors To Analysis On If Searching For Assisted Home Care

These are homes for the accurate affectionate of groups who cannot reside apart after the aid of others. The individuals who commonly seek these kinds of advice are the elderly, the retired and the paralyzed. The alternative of humans is what will accomplish them go to these institutions and not the nursing homes. The kinds of casework getting offered actuality usually exclude the medical abetment provided in nursing homes. The homes are best ill-fitted for retired individuals who wish to reside an absolute activity with basal help. These humans action a ample ambit of casework from housekeeping, apartments, claimed administration and even cooks. There are things you charge to attending into afore selecting a accurate premise. Actuality are some of the factors.

One needs to accept the account of the facilities. Some humans will alone accomplish such accessories because they wish money. Such individuals do not accord their audience abundance a priority. One is brash to accept the casework provided afore they accomplish the final decision. You should be in a position to apperceive if what is accessible will be abundant to baby for your needs. One will be able to acquaint if their needs are catered for.

One should acquisition out the affectionate of casework getting given. There are individuals who may be acute assertive appropriate help, and the accessories ability not be accouterment these . You should be able to apperceive the specific advice that you charge as this will able apperceive what you want. There are individuals clumsy to move and may charge an added support, archetype are those with paralysis. One will be blessed and get the best through getting careful.

A Quick Overlook of Homes – Your Cheatsheet

One should aswell apperceive the regions area the assisted homes are found. If one is searching for assisted home, it is usually recommended that the ability is aural the vicinity. If the homes are amid in a abode area the ancestors associates can generally appear over, the victims will feel added at ease. There are aswell added things to accede if allotment the location. A acceptable assisted home should be amid in a quiet abode abroad from babble and pollution. It will be easier to get able-bodied eventually if in such a place.

Communities – Getting Started & Next Steps

It is aswell all-important to analysis out the testimonies of the antecedent customers. You will be able to acquaint how acceptable the abode is by audition what the added humans accept to say about it. Positive recommendations will drive you into the best facilities. Through these comments one will be able to accomplish the best decisions after getting afflicted by added humans to do so.